Tuesday, December 29, 2009

additional Christmas gift (:

This is from Dewi (: Tks, Wi! Luvin' it hihi

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas gifts

It's 25th Dec and today is Christmas already! Just wanna show you guys what I got this year for Christmas gifts:

This cute present I got from my cousin, Catherine (:

and this Sephora set was given by my sweet friend, Nadine (:

Not forgeting the pray and blessing given to me this Christmas, I just wanna thank everyone and wishing you guys a great great great Christmas & New year. Happy Holiday!

Singapore (;

Hi, friends! I know, it's been awhile hehe. Anyway, this time I just wanna share a little bit of what I've been doin' lately ;p I've been here in Singapore for 5 days and happily enjoyed it so much. I have eaten my faves: Mos Burger, Burger King, Chicken Rice, KFC, Mc.Spicy (Mc.D), Coffee Bean's pure choc, sweet popcorn of Cathay's, Ben&Jerry's vanilla. I have met my luvly cousins and friends. I have also watched some great movies.  It's just great to spend any holiday here esp. Christmas :D

However, still have some places to visit during my stay. I'll keep you all posted, then (;

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pelangi di Malam Hari =)

I fell in love from the first time I heard Vidi Aldiano's voice. The first time I saw him live on TV was on January'09. The song was called Nuansa Bening (I always luv this song!). His voice was sooo... mmm... well, I couldn't even decribe it hahaha. It was so beautiful! Haha since then, I keep listening to this Nuansa Bening.

The second single was called Status Palsu. I know, it's weird but it is a nice song. The video's funny, you should watch (but I do believe all of you have watched and laughed! haha).

Actually I do love all the songs in his album, called Pelangi di Malam Hari, which is also one of the song's title and I just heard that it's going to be his third single from this album. I guess, I just have to wait for the video, can't wait!

What I love from Vidi is not only his voice but also his personality and um.. yeah.. he's so cute! haha you'll love him too!

Well,wishing you all the best for your life, especially in carreer. Keep up you good work, Vidi!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fake couples

On my lazy Sunday, after having a big lunch with family, I watched a movie called the Wedding Game, played by Fann Wong & Christopher Lee.

It was a great movie, besides it was so funny! I like how fake couples could fall in love each other haha.

Reminds me of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" - with the same theme. I always love this movie. Kate Hudson was so annoying but funny haha

I just can't wait to watch "the Proposal"!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's j.a.c.e daaaaay !

On Saturday (Aug 01) I had so much fun with Jess, Angel and Echa. First, we were having pedicure and manicure in the morning. Here are the pics:

After that, we were heading to M & R Chinese Restaurant and having lunch there. The food and the place were both nice. We took some pics inside.

These are the dishes:

• Udang keju

• Gurami kencong

• Sawo Yu Zha Kue

• Sop Bakso Kepiting

• Rusa merica hitam ( we got this for free and it's delicious!)

and this was the dessert:

We were so full.
From there, we were heading to Tjong A Fie's Mansion in Kesawan. It was great. We saw and learned a lot of things but unable to describe and upload all the pics here. Here are some:

At 3pm, we were heading to Sun Plaza to get different air haha and finally home at 6pm. What a great day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Still, Boys Before Flowers

I would like to share my fave scene in this drama :)

This is when Jan Di and Ji Hoo took weeding pictures. He is so sweet, don't you think?